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Retread Paintball
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Fun and Action

Retread Paintball, through our meetup group, offers you the opportunity to experience paintball the way many of us started with it years ago. In a friendly, fun, safe, and welcoming enviornment.  When many of us started playing the sport was not very sophisticated and had very basic equipment.  The guns only shot one round at a time compared to some electronic markers today capable of 25-30 balls per second! 


We found that new players coming in to the sport found this quite intimidating.  You might play a typical walk on game and be up against very experienced players with $1000 plus electronic markers and be shot up mulitple times before you knew what happened to you.  That isn't very fun on the receiving end and for many people that might be the first and last time they play paintball.  It was killing our sport.


We felt we needed to step in and do something about that and create a better experience.  The same experience we had years ago that caused us to be bit by the paintball bug.  To get new people in to the sport or even back in to the sport.  To grow the sport and widen the base.  To be inclusive rather than exclusive.


Don't worry if you don't have experience. All levels of ability are welcome!


Team spirit, fitness, stamina and health - we offer it all. There's plenty of fun and action to be had with Retread Paintball and the SOCAL MEETUP GROUP.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us.

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