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Retread Paintball
Retread Paintball
Retread Paintball

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Retread Paintball
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Welcome to Retread Paintball

What is retread paintball?  We are an organization founded to help foster and grow the sport of paintball.  A retread is an old term from the military to designate older servicemen that were brought back when badly needed expertise was missing from the force.  A retread was an experienced veteran with specialties that were needed to bolster those that were lacking.  Retread paintball is just such a group of people.  We saw that the sport was in decline and needed an infusion of ambassadors to aid in launching a new resurgence in what is a unique and profound sports experience.  Paintball is a very accessible extreme sport that is often misunderstood and intimidating for people looking for an athletic outlet. 


We hope to change that paradigm and both bring back people that used to play and have since left the sport and also introduce new people that have never played before to the sport that we love. To learn more, please email us at

Paintball isn't just a sport, it's an exteme sport, a great way to stay fit, a social enviornment where you can meet people and make new friendships, and an experience like none other. If your're looking for paintball events and people to play paintball with in the SOCAL've found the right place!

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